Angus’ First Cross Country Ski Trip

After looking at the weather forecast we decided to go for a short ski tour on Monday whilst the conditions were fine as it looked like a storm was coming in later in the week.

Angus has recently learnt to telemark ski (see previous blog) and has taken on Emma’s old boots and skis which meant the three of us could go ski touring.

The first time Emma went outside the resort on skis she used her normal downhill skis and just shuffled along. We didn’t go very far, just out to Kosciuszko Lookout so I thought it would be a good place to start for Angus since you can see the main range and some of the more notable peaks from there.

Emma, being the seasoned veteran, with 3 previous back-country trips under her belt, (Kosci Lookout, Dead Horse Gap and Ramsheads) just took off and we didn’t see much of her except her back and her tracks till we reached the lookout.

If there was more snow down lower I probably would have taken them to Dead Horse Gap as there is more opportunity to have a ski but he enjoyed getting out of the resort and seeing the back-country for the first time in winter.

A few years back we took Angus out to Mount Kosciuszko in summer time and he didn’t fair too well with the distance and insisted that there would be a chair lift or helicopter waiting at the top to take us back!

He had similar sentiments on this trip but soldiered on with only one complaint after a false summit however the destination was then in sight.

We stopped in the shade of a granite tor and had a rest, a snack, a bit of fun and a good look around then took off back to Thredbo.

Crossing the creek – no need for brigdes

Looking back to Thredbo

Almost there


Rest spot with Mt Kosci in the back ground

Emma being a Unicorn with a icicle ??!!!

Next he’ll want to take up ice climbing