About this site

I have started a new blog website with my own domain k10stuff.com.au using WordPress.

I have also started a Facebook page for this website.

The site is really rough at the moment as I have some more customisation to do.

My previous blog was on blogger but I wanted to be able to customise my blog’s layout and link it to a Facebook page for better promotion.
Having my own site also gives me the ability to add plug-ins for collaboration with social media and e-commerce.

The essence of the website is exactly as the tagline reads – “Stuff I do Stuff I like Stuff I sell”

I will be blogging more regularly, I will be trying to find products to review and will be selling some stuff as well.

Daily or weekly blogging will not only chronicle the varied interests I have like surfing, skiing, camping, motorcycles and mountain biking but also the little things I do or find that come along daily or weekly.

Being a certified Gear-Head I would like to bring people up to date with reviews of the new things I discover.

My shed(s) are full of crap I don’t use so I will be using the e-commerce capabilities to feel the water by attempting to liquidate my no longer used treasures and reclaim some of the real estate they take up.