Its not just a misheard lyric of the ACDC song Long Way To The Top….

It’s a long way to the shop if you want a Sausage Roll

Making sausage rolls is easy and ones from the shop taste like crap

Without having to make up a mince mix my method of sausage rolls is easy as !


You only need a puff pastry sheet, three sausage rolls (thin), one egg and an oven.

IMG_4132 (Large)

Place the frozen puff pastry sheet on a chopping board to thaw – i use Pampas

Once thawed cut in two

IMG_4129 (Large) IMG_4139 (Large)

Cut one sausage in half

IMG_4130 (Large)

Cut the sausage long ways from top to bottom to split the skin and peel the skin off

I used 1 1/2 Spicy Italian and 1 1/2 Moroccan Lamb and Lime

These are from Mc Farlands Butcher in Northmead NSW

IMG_4136 (Large)   IMG_4137 (Large)

Place in middle of each section

IMG_4140 (Large)

Break egg into cup and whisk with fork until white and yolk are mixed uniformly

IMG_4133 (Large)   IMG_4135 (Large)


Brush onto both sides of cut in pastry with fork- give your dog the leftover egg it’s good for their coat !

IMG_4141 (Large)    IMG_4142 (Large)

Roll up the pastry to over the first sausage and peel the plastic off then tuck under to seal with egg

IMG_4144 (Large)   IMG_4146 (Large)

Repeat to other sausage then chop in half and then in quarters

IMG_4147 (Large)  IMG_4148 (Large)

Brush with egg and use fork to make stripes or dots to differentiate type of filling

IMG_4152 (Large)  IMG_4149 (Large)


Place on oven tray and cook for 20min on 200c

IMG_4153 (Large)