Craig “Telecrag” Martin  and I decided to do a “last ski for the season” trip since the weather was looking good.

I hadn’t done much skiing since our holiday in August when it rained and the snow was crap, I tried to get down for a back country ski in late August / early September but weather, snow conditions and other issues prevented it until I went kite skiing with Darren and Tim ( see below) in late September link to Darren’s Blog

 By the time October came around I was thinking of the beach but when the oppourtunity came along to “bend the knee”  I thought great lets do it.

We brought our bikes as well as we thought that if the snow was’nt that good or the weather turned we could ride on Sunday. 

Our intention was to go up towards Blue Lake and ski the bowl or chutes behind it however you cant really see the runs from the start of the track and the snow was a bit thin up on Carruthers Peak which would have ment down climbing to start the ski run. We would also have had to walk all the way from the crossing to the top so we decided to ride to Rawsons Pass and ski Kosci, that way we could spend all day out there and ride back to Charlotte Pass in minutes!

Morning on the main range

We headed up the track and stopped in a few spots to enjoy the spring scenery

A little way along the road we were passed by a truck carrying a digger, Telecrag said they were going to extend Mt Kosciuszko due to gloabal warming – my guess was they were just gunna dig out the toilet pit at Rawsons! Well someones full of shit – ­čÖé

At the Snowy bridge there was a rare site in Australia – Icebergs!

One of the Power-Rangers stopped by for a visit

Only a month ago we were snow kiting over this valley

Its Morphing Time !!!

Wonder how deep it was in winter

My bike decided to leap into the Snowy River whilst we were gone
 I knew the toilets weren’t full!!


We stopped at Seaman’s Hut for a rest

Earnin’ ya turns

Lake Cootapatamba


Some of our tracks

The lake from the walkway

More of our tracks

Mount Kosciuszko

Main Range from Rawsons Pass


Carruthers Chutes

 The digger had done us a favour

We got back to the car at about 6pm and thought we would just camp in Jindy, have a hot shower and get a nice meal at Bacco to go with the red Craig had brought so we drove to Perisher to find some 3G signal and Googled the caravan park and booked a spot over the phone

View from our Campsite – notice the water level – you could walk to those islands not long ago!

Pre-dinner beers by the lake

Sunday We went to the new track that starts at the dam wall and goes to Tyrolean Village

We parked at the dam and road to the trail head and back
You can see the plume of water in the background as they have been letting water out of the lake

It is a very well made track with banked turns erosion control and expensive bridges.
These motorcyle riders have such cool ideas 

Like I always say “There’s plenty of time for golf when your dead” !!!