After editing the recent clips from my GoPro and doing some house keeping I was cleaning up one of my PC’s hard drives and I found some crappy old videos off my Nokia phone of the kids skiing and mucking around in the snow from about 2006..

It just shows how much technology has advanced in multimedia, even my old Nokia N95 did DVD quality

I know I’m slack but worse still I have footage of Emma’s first ski on Mini DV tape somewhere that needs to be edited.
We setup a PC a year or so ago to do this but haven’t got around to it.

Now that Jenny has become our resident photographic and multimedia expert I might let her do the back editing of the old low res standard def VCR stuff and I’ll concentrate on editing any new HD GoPRo stuff that I may capture.

When she was too young for ski-school we used to drop Emma at the creche and go skiing and then pick her up inthe arvo and walk across to Friday Flat and let her have a ski by just walking up. She started by skiing down between my legs and then progressed to skiing a short way on her own.

We did the same for Angus I think this was the first year that hehad a go on skis, he was almost 3 I think , then next year he was old enough for Thredboland.

Here is a few clips of them skiing Friday Flat and making snow angels in the picnic area near the river across from the service station / alpine apartments, poor Angus was the butt of a few jokes after his comments at the end of the clip, he sounds a bit like Elmer Fud eh?