It was over 35 degrees C last night when I picked the kids up so I thought I’d take them down the lake.
There were quite a few people down there swimming, walking dogs, cycling or just sitting around the foreshore trying to cool off.

We usually take the kayaks and it takes two cars or the trailer to get them down there.
This time I thought we would try Stand Up Paddling as I can fit the small  board in the van and the larger two on the roof.

We didn’t have much time ( about 1hr before the gates shut)  so I rushed around to find swimmers and paddles etc and as such forgot our rashies, life jackets and the most important thing the GoPro so I had to use the iPhone.
I actually need a bit of time to experiment with the GoPro now that I have a fancy new LCD attachment to turn it into a more usable waterproof camera for happy snappy stills as well as fully sick 60fps 1080p action vids.

I wonder if anyone has ever done Stand Up Paddling at the lake before?
If so for the record, it was Angus who got to do it first.

He used a small kids windsurfer that I picked up up for a song a few years back from Cash Converters
Must try to actually use it for windsurfing one day!

It’s not that stable as you can see he fell off a bit (mostly on purpose to get wet) but good enough for him at the moment.

I spoke to Wind Surf and Snow on the weekend  about getting a small board for him or Emma to use.
The options are not that cheap as small second hand SUPs go for almost a grand.

Emma used my 9’6″ board and had no trouble paddling it all around the place

I used the new 11 footer which went pretty fast on the flat water once I removed the leg rope

Thanks to Angus for the photo

Here’s a vid from my iPhone
I tried to upload the raw footage but it seems every time I try to upload anything decent size/resolution it rejects it. DOH!

Maybe I need to upload it to somewhere else and just link to it…i dunno… I hate bloody computers