New classic longboard

Finally got hold of an Isaac Fields Model longboard by Barry Bennett.

After borrowing the demo model and deciding it was for me I found that time was ticking away if I wanted to have one made before my trip away to Crescent Head in Aprill, so rather than miss out I decided to get one of the stock boards that eventually came in as it was the right dimensions for me 9’2″ x 23″ x 3 1/8″.

After fitting the old school looking legrope thru the finbox and waxing it up, I took it out in about 1-2 foot waves and had some fun.

Took no time to dial it in as I had the benefit of a few days onthe demo to work out how to ride it, which is basically set up the wave and run up the nose.

Scout Sailing Day

Went down to Lake Illawarra with Emma’s scout group on the weekend where we were shown how to sail on 13 foot Catamarans.

After a bit of instruction from the Yacht Shop, the kids were taken out with an adult for a while then let loose on the lake on their own

Great fun and however it could turn out expensive as they might be the next toy I start thinking about buying.

I do have two windsurfers up under the carport that haven’t been used since I got them, except for one attempt at Narrabeen where I gave up after about 5mins.

Another sport that you have to rely on favourable wind and weather conditions.

Anyway as far as wind sports go I should be concentrating on my kiting skills as it wont be long before winter is on us and I am keen to get one for use in the Alpine.