Thredbo 16th / 17th July 2011

It was the second trip for Angus and I this year and we got to Thredbo in enough time to grab a quick beer at Berntis Hotel.

There was till snow in the village from the last few weeks snow

When we got there a group of guys we playing “Jenga” and after watchng a few games they invited Angus to have a go. They gave him the hardest moves so there was more chance of him knocking down the blocks which was a bit of fun as his liitle fingers (and lack of inebriation ) gave him an advantage over them.

On Saturday we woke to a chilly -9.4 degrees in the van and as we stirred a car pulled up near us which turned out to be Pat and Darren who were going out to do some kiting on the main range.

Here is Darren’s blog

After saying G’day we went off to have breaky

Angus tried snowboarding for the first time on Saturday whilst I went for a ski with Frances and Ross and Co.

He went into a FreeRiders all day lesson and I brought my snowboard when I picked him up so we could have a few runs together and he could show me what he learnt

Here’s a litte clip of a run down Friday Flat

I haven’t snowboarded for quite a few years and it was cool too try it again
It all came back after a few runs but after a few crashes I remebered why I dont do it all the time

After a hard day skiing and boarding it was time for dinner and we went to the Thredbo Bistro and watched the Flare Run and the Fireworks

On Sunday, he wanted to ski with me and do some harder runs
Since his skiing has improved he is able to basically ski the whole mountain

We started on the ‘cord’ at Merrits and after a warmup we did the Bowl a few times and then I took him up Antons Tbar and he did Waimea for the first time

After lunch we went for a bit of a tour up to the Golf Course Bowl which he had not done yet

He was a bit hesitant but made it down and across the traverse OK, which is harder than the run sometimes

We then skied the Lower Funnell Web back to the Supertrail and down to Valley Terminal where we met up with Darren and Pat who were waiting for their packs to come down off the chair.

Another great weekend away