I’m not sure why they sell instant porridge? – the stuff out of the box  is pretty instant if you ask me !

Looking at groceries and prices, it’s a pretty simple concept that over packaged items not only waste resources but cost more. I have used pre-packaged porridge on some ski camping trips just for convenience, however, next time a zip lock bag will do the trick,

Here’ s what I do


IMG_4228 (Large)

Boil water in kettle

IMG_4222 (Large)

Add half a cup of oats to a saucepan

IMG_4223 (Large)

Add half a cup of hot water to it

IMG_4224 (Large)

Stir whilst heating

IMG_4226 (Large)

When it goes creamy add a splash of milk, stir in and reheat

IMG_4227 (Large)

Pour some boiling water into the bowl to pre-heat

IMG_4229 (Large)

spoon in the porridge remembering to save some for the dog 

IMG_4230 (Large)

Add a handful of trail mix and some banana

IMG_4232 (Large)

Done, feed dog leftovers and eat

 IMG_4221 (Large)