Along with my daily dog walks I would like to do some regular mountain bike rides and at this time of the year it means night rides.

Since the end of Surf Life Saving season I have done no training which was good at the time since nearly every weekend was taken up with some sort of trip away with the surf club or bike club or the dudes I ski with at Thredbo , These trips usually involved a fair amount of exercise but also heaps of beer, late nights and lots of food.

But enough is enough and I am trying to get back a bit of fitness before ski season starts and it’s back to beer, late nights and lots of food again. (Maybe I have to stop hanging around with the local piss-pots …. mmm recurring pattern here)

Angus has been dead keen on mountain bike riding since I took him on his first trip away riding downhill and cross country at Thredbo earlier this year, We went in February for a few days then again over Easter and to end the summer season Anzac day weekend. About 11 days already clocked up riding the chairlifts on our season passes. Heres a link to one of the trips

It was another beautiful warm autumn night ( Jenny will hate this as she wants winter to come) perfect for an afternoon ride. so we headed to Lake Parramatta a few minutes from home.

003 (Large)    007 (Large)

By the time we got the bikes off the car and geared up it was almost dark however we both have high-powered bike lights and when I say high-powered  i’m talking small sun sort of brightness. I have a pair of AYUPs which are 700 lumen twin lights and Angus has 2 massive Nite Lights 1000 lumen singles.

009 (Large)    008 (Large)

We utilise two of these lights each, one  mounted on your handlebars and another on your helmet so you can look around corners. The trails at Lake Parramatta vary from open fire trail to overgrown time-tunnel sections to winding single track and the lights work very well in all variations. The only thing you have to watch out for is trying not to react to projected shadows, a few times I thought something was running out from the darkness across the track only to find it was the shadow of a plant.

014 (Large)    010 (Large)

He must have been going thru hyperspace

012 (Large)


Here is the download from my Garmin watch

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