** UPDATE – 21/3/2012 **

I just updated the vid to High Definition as the DVD quality one I did was not that good
Please give it a try it is much better resolution
let me know if it does not run properly as its the first HD one I have uploaded

Did my second white-water Packrafting trip with Darren on the weekend.

For those who dont know a packraft is a small blow up boat, they weigh about 3kgs and roll up like a 2 man tent.
They are virually indestructable – like an IRB “rubber ducky” surf rescue boat.
My first river entry was sitting on top of flood debri like dead tree branches and pointy sticks, and you can scrape over boulders all day long without popping it.

I got interested in Packrafting with Darren initially because of the multi-sport aspect of being able to walk, ski or mountain bike to a creek, run the creek and then bush walk or climb out which is something that you cant easily do with a hard shell kayak.

Recently we have been running rivers to gain skills in white water which is a little more fun that flat paddling and a sport all in its own.

Anyway, the trip we did on the weekend was from Pheasants Nest bridge on the Hume Hwy to Maldon Weir which is near Picton, about 11kms on the river.

The water had been high due to all the rain and we were lucky that it came down to a reasonable level that turned out perfect as we were able to experience the river with a good volume of water but it was not too dangerous.

It was a great trip and learned a lot from Darren and Gus.

Here is a link to Darrens blog with some pics


Heres some video I took
I just updated the vid to HD as the DVD quality one I did was not that good

2012 03 18 HD Packrafting Nepean – Pheasants to Maldon