I wanted to get myself a new fun board as my 80’s model 8ft mini-mal sux and I wanted a board to use when conditions are not suitable for a 9ft long board.

So after looking at a few shops I dropped into Bennetts as I wanted some stickers for my daughters club board and also a fin for a rescue board that I am restoring.

I started checking out their floor stock and there was 7’2 2009 model 7S Superfish XL for $600

So I grabbed it and whilst paying for it Aaron handed me a copy of Australian Longboarding Magazine and asked if I’d seen their new longboard the Isaac Field’s Model.

It is a copy of his dad’s 1967 noserider – Review and Pics

As soon as the demo board became available I picked it up and had a few days trying it out

It’s the real deal – heavily glassed in 7oz Volan, extreme rocker, tucked in nose with wide hips, tail block, cloth inlay, no leg rope plug, the only give away that its modern is the box fin.

It took a few days to get used to it, you have to run up and down the thing to turn it and it just begs you to nose ride it.

It just charges through sections and catches wave ok but due to the weight and rocker it does’nt paddle all that well

Dims are 9’2″ x 23″ x 3 1/8″

Hopefully i can get my hands on one before my trip to Crescent Head in April

Here are some pics