Since I’m still exhausted from the weekend which consisted of about 14hours of canyoning 6 hours of cleaning out the shed and then Sunday arvo at the Scouts day, I have taken the easy way out and linked to Darren’s blog

Link to Darren’s Blog 

I have some GoPro footage of the abseils that I will edit one day this week

Great canyon and great experience
I’m getting more confident on my abseil technique and even set one up myself this trip.
I wont go into details but it involved a dodgy log and a slippery waterfall.

I need to get more confident in my climbing though, I had to get Darren to take my pack a few times as I felt like I was going to overbalance and the exposure was too great for me to risk it un-roped

Will update when I edit all the dead time out of the footage.